La Maison d'Hiver

by (Shortfin) Mako Shark

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released April 2, 2010

Recorded in our rehearsal space and at Larra's between September 2009 and March 2010. We all played guitar and xylophone. Larra also played drums, Lucía played the violin and Elena played the viola. Artwork by Lucía, Clara and Nico.



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(Shortfin) Mako Shark Madrid

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Track Name: Intro
Oh how I miss the scent of winter, it's as though it's never really coming. I wonder if it's really, really coming, and I'm longing for the Christmas lights to shine.
Track Name: Shhh Kids
I want the kids to gather in the streets
and to embrace every single possibility.
I want the kids to forget all their mistakes
and take a look at what this life could be.

And in the night,
we'll feel fine,
no matter what...
We are the Shhh Kids.

I want the kids to hang out and fall in love
and never be afraid of their very own hearts.
I want the kids to get out with their guitars
and travel 'round the world with songs and sympathy.

And in the night,
we'll feel fine,
no matter what...
We are the Shhh Kids.

Because wherever you go,
in every street, in every corner
or the middle of the woods
there is a chance for us to meet,
a thousand, a million opportunities.
Track Name: Deer Mountain
You were so excited
On that Monday night,
While we drove past Lake Erie
Looking for some sort of light.

Just sixteen
And nowhere to go,
But those plans for new stories...
Well, they just found us.

And under that starry night we made wishes,
Deer ambled along the road near spruces.

We wait all the winter
For the summer to come,
So we can take any road
No matter where we're really headed.

And under that starry night we made wishes,
Deer ambled along the road near spruces.

No, we didn't think about it much...
Not that we do now as we pack our things.
Track Name: Last Christmas
I'd like to see this city full of snow
And shiny shiny lights that light the streets.
And yet it seems this winter all we'll have
Will be crowded avenues and so much cold.

As the sun rises
And the city is waking up
I'll be home alone
Waiting for the snow

I like to think that when we're good,
We're good no matter what we do.
But lately I've been feeling
That this could have been much better.
If only we ever fought for anything...
Track Name: Tu m'étonnes!
We could sit tonight on the porch,
and then watch the city sleep.
Tonight is bitter cold
and we sink deep into what we blame.

We do sit tonight on the porch,
the snow and the stars are starting to meld.
We won't have more blank conversations,
so we will get out and take the streets.

It is snowing as we watch the stars
and we make a(n unbreakable) pact.
Then we take our bikes and ride the streets
and we sing our (favorite) songs.

"Let's not care about what they all think...
we'll just listen to our hearts".
Track Name: Hearts Keep Beating
And it’s the way he looked at life
there with his crooked smile,
and it’s the boots he wore that
were just twice his size.

And it’s the orange swimming glasses
and that grey Sonic t-shirt,
that reminded us
when we were just a kid.

Yeah, we do get old,
but hearts keep beating,
and they keep feeling and caring like they did before.
It’s like when he said “we’re islands now”,
well it doesn’t have to be that way…
or at least i will rely on you,
and know that, even after all, we’re here, alive.

And it’s the nights you spend at home drowning in regrets
and it’s those things you did or did not do in the past.
And it’s those kids that pass you by
that make you smile or shout or cry
until you see you’ve time to live anyway.
Track Name: Hometowns
Sometimes, I want to go far away.
Sometimes, I just want to disappear
and get away from everything.
But when I do, I find that it's just the same,
when I do, I see that nothing has changed,
'cause we're the ones that make the difference.

Nothing will make sense as long as the stars keep falling down,
but everything'll get better when we get to our own hometown.

This town is so full of promises,
but we won't bother looking for them,
'cause we're blinded by maps, tv, and dreams.
We look for new places to live again,
look for new places we could call home,
ignoring the ones we leave behind.


Oh how I love the scent of winter when at last it's come this starry night. The streetlights illuminate the city and the snowflakes are flooding the concrete roads...